Veronika Beinssen-Henry is an artist who has lived and worked in Hobart, Tasmania for many years.

Veronika creates unique and striking photo-luminescent feature tiles for bathrooms, pools, laundries, kitchens etc, using a personally-tested, traditional technique of seaweed pressing.  Seaweeds display a rich diversity of shapes, patterns and textures and lend themselves very naturally to the process.

Each resulting work is entirely unique, and made in Tasmania.  No tile is the same and each work contains a genuine seaweed specimen. These bespoke pieces will bring the freshness of the seaside into your home.

The seaweed is collected on the shoreline around Hobart and no living plants are harmed in any way.

Specimens have been scientifically identified where possible and a number of species are available. The scientific name of your chosen species may be included with your purchase on request.

Photoluminescence is available in blue or green, and these works are created in standard tile sizes for easy integration into your home.


Veronika is sometimes asked how her ideas initially came about.

“As an artist, natural themes and elements have always been my focus.  I began incorporating seaweed into my artworks years ago.  The photo-luminescent is an exciting development as the tiles are functional and stand apart from anything else available on the market.”